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Circumcision in male Infants and toddlers is a common and a safe procedure. The preferable age for circumcision is within the first 2 months after birth. However, some families prefer to have their children circumcised at older age. At Circumcision Clinic, we’re here to help and we will provide the best possible care for your child at any age.

In this age group, the most common procedure performed is Plastibell method. We perform circumcision under local anaesthetic. Before we star, we will discuss the full procedure with the family step by step. This is done by the good demonstration with pictures. The family has the chance to ask questions and the doctor performing the procedure will happily answer all the questions and give full reassurance to the family. Instructions for aftercare will be explained to the parents and written information will be given together with the necessary cream and the contact information if parents have questions following the circumcision procedure. Parents’ consent for performing the procedure will be taken and possible complications will be explained to the parents. The child will receive small injection at the base of his penis. We will wait few minutes to make sure the anaesthetic has taken an effect. The procedure will be done within 5-10 minutes.

The doctor will make sure the parents understand the aftercare and receive the necessary instructions before they leave the clinic.

Contact numbers will be given to the parents and the emergency number will be available 24/7.

Follow up not always required. However, if the doctor felt it is necessary to see the child, a clinic appointment will be arranged.



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