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Adult circumcision is also offered at our Circumcision Clinic. We specialize in performing circumcisions on teens, with exceptional results. With our focus on circumcision procedures we are able to deliver the highest standard of male medical care for our patients. Although most individuals are circumcised as infants, a significant proportion is circumcised in teen or adult years. Research shows that teen circumcision for boys can prevent many cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Before circumcision, we will explain the risks and benefits of the procedure. We use local anesthesia when performing circumcision procedures. Therefore, anyone thinking of undergoing the procedure should be assured that the procedure will be virtually painless. We will also offer pain-relieving medications to alleviate the discomfort that occurs after the operation. During this time, the only important thing is to observe the necessary precautions and avoid anything that could cause infection. An infection will increase the risks of complications.

Some studies show that it’s often difficult to keep the foreskin of the penis clean. The area between the foreskin and penis can trap bacteria and viruses, which might not get washed away. Teen circumcision helps to ensure there’s nowhere for bacteria and viruses to hide, reducing the spread of STDs. The common belief that circumcision decreases sexual pressure is a myth. On the contrary, circumcised men experience higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

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