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The Importance of Children Circumcision: Exploring Cultural and Medical Perspectives. Circumcision is a famous technique to remove the penis foreskin. It has been in practice for centuries across the world. Different cultures and religions support it. But are there any medical benefits? Opinions are mixed. So, in this article, we provide a detailed overview of circumcision and its cultural and medical perspective. So, stay connected with us to explore the facts and enhance your knowledge. Let’s come to a discussion.

What are the cultural Aspects of children’s Circumcision?

Undoubtedly, children’s circumcision has been in practice for centuries only for cultural and religious importance. Here are the five key points about the cultural perspective of circumcision.

Religious Significance

One of the major reasons for children’s circumcision is its importance in different religions, especially in Islam and Judaism. Their followers believe that it is a compulsory act and a good deed for them. In many cultures where the majority of the population belongs to these two religions, follow the practice of obeying their religious orders. According to them, circumcision is considered a religious obligation, symbolizing a covenant with God.

Health and Hygiene

Another essential perspective of different cultures to accept circumcision is that they believe circumcision has some health benefits. They believe it reduces the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract problems. They also believe that it makes them easy to have sex and also improves penis health. The traditional beliefs and cultural practices support this belief passed down through generations.

Cultural identity

Among some major perspectives on children’s circumcision, cultural identity is an important one. Parents circumcised their kids only for the reason that to make their kids identical to other men in society. They think it is an essential act of society, so they should circumcise their kids. By circumcising, an individual connects to their heritage and feels it belongs to their community. Every child in such societies is circumcised before reaching adulthood.

Social Acceptance

Social acceptance is also an aspect of children’s circumcision. In some societies, circumcised men are accepted easily compared to uncircumcised. In such cultures, people believe circumcised men are more powerful and can satisfy their partners. So, for them finding a partner in such societies is easier. But people hesitate to accept the uncircumcised men.

What are the medical aspects of Children’s circumcision?

Undoubtedly circumcision has great importance and is a famous practice in different regions due to cultural and religious aspects; however, it has many medical aspects. Here we have listed a few significant medical aspects of children’s circumcision.

Minimized infection risks

Circumcision may improve genital hygiene. When the foreskin is removed, it becomes easy to clean the penis. So, proper cleanliness will assist in reducing the risk of infections. It is expected that when kids reach puberty, they are not mature and are too shy to tell their problems to their elders. They do not know how to clean the penis to protect it adequately. They may experience different infections. So, after circumcision, they can clean their penis in a better way. They can easily maintain penis hygiene.

Reduce penile cancer chances

Smegma is a significant substance that can cause cancerous cells. But fortunately, when the foreskin is removed, the skin that contains smegma is also removed. Ultimately, less amount of smegma reduces the chances of developing cancer. No doubt, circumcision is performed in childhood, but it ensures complete safety for a lifetime. Different medical teams also researched that, and most of them agree that men who are circumcised have less chance of penile cancer than the uncircumcised ones.

Protection against Phimosis

Phimosis is a major disease that is common in men. In that condition, the foreskin becomes too tight. So, when the penis is erect or needs cleaning, it is painful. The patient could not clean their penis or maintain an erection. They face problems with sexual fulfillment. It makes them depressed. Such inflammation and discomfort increase the risks of other diseases. But fortunately, circumcision is one of the best ways to get rid of that disease. You may find many creams or ointments to get rid of, but most of the time, they fail. Medical experts recommend circumcision as the best way to eliminate the Phimosis problem. Nowadays, circumcision is the most used treatment for phimosis. So, circumcised men always remain protected from phimosis.

Reduces risk of STIs

Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV are at high risk in uncircumcised men. The reason is that the penis foreskin has an inner lining containing more cells that are more prone to viral infections. So uncircumcised men are always at higher risk of viral diseases such as HIV. It can be an excellent way to ensure protection from STIs by getting circumcised. The men who are circumcised have less amount of viral attracted cells, so that they can be safe than uncircumcised ones.

Reduces risk of Balanoposthitis

Balanoposthitis is a common and most occurring penal disease that causes inflammation of both the foreskin and glans. It causes swelling, redness, and discomfort. You may find some treatments, such as creams, to get relief, but most of the time, it is in vain. If you get relief, it can develop again and again. So, medical professionals recommend circumcision as a permanent solution to Balanoposthitis. It is more beneficial in kids in the early stages of Balanoposthitis.

Reduces allergies and Inflammation

As discussed earlier, the foreskin has a layer of skin that is more prone to infections. So, men who are not circumcised can experience viral or bacterial diseases. They also face issues in cleaning the penis, which affects hygiene and increases the risks of infection. But circumcision ensures a double shield against viral and bacterial infections. It provides safe and better penile health for a lifetime.


Children’s Circumcision is in trend because of traditional, religious, and customary practices. It is widely performed in different societies and cultures due to different beliefs and religious obligations. However, beyond their cultural importance, it also has many medical aspects that make it a good option. It ensures better health and hygiene. But it also carries some risks if not performed correctly. So, always choose the best specialists to enjoy its maximum benefits. Do the benefits of Circumcision Outweighs the Risks

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